WAN Acceleration/Optimization

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The Need

Organizations are driven to invest resources in getting more out of their existing Wide Area Networks (WAN) predominantly due to the need to accelerate key business processes and applications, drive business productivity, enable collaboration and mitigate risk. In addition, the critical need to provide timely and continuous customer service and better control of recurring networking costs, like WAN links, are key pressures for most organizations.

Bandwidth continues to represent a significant portion of operating expenses for WANs as businesses adopt video, voice, and other applications.  Beyond latency concerns for traffic traveling across cities and countries, organizations must also account for the mobile nature of their users and potential cost savings by consolidating data centers. WAN acceleration/optimization is a category of solutions that can help organizations address these needs.

Enabling your Organization

By utilizing WAN Acceleration/Optimization solutions, businesses are able to run applications faster and more efficiently, delivering consistent service levels. Moreover, WAN Acceleration/Optimization solutions span mobile workers, branch offices, and data centers, allowing distributed workforce to collaborate in real time.  All this, while streamlining operations, improving visibility, and reducing IT infrastructure costs.

Being able to increase application performance up to 50 times and pay back investment through communication cost savings in as little as 6 months,  WAN Acceleration/Optimization  technologies are one of the major solutions changing the way organizations do business today.

Doing it right: Our WAN Acceleration/Optimization Solutions’ Key Features and Benefits

Our WAN Acceleration/Optimization solutions are largely characterized by the following Key Features and Benefits:

Key Features


Optimize most of the commonly used applications across the WAN network up to 50X

Ensure fast, reliable access to data and applications for employees around the globe.

Achieve LAN-like performance for mobile employees, no matter where they are.

Increasing business productivity

Reduce the use of WAN bandwidth by 65-95 percent, and relieve network congestion

Accommodate more growth and more users without investing in additional bandwidth and networking infrastructure.

Reduce Costs

Data Centers Consolidation and Virtualization

Remote Branches Application Acceleration

Free up bandwidth for other mission critical application like IP-Telephony and Video Conferencing

Corporate Network Visibility

Improve Backups across Production and Disaster Sites

Minimize recovery times

Accomplish Key Business Initiatives


Remaining Functional and Compliant – Support tailored to your needs

We very well understand that to remain effective, a WAN Acceleration/Optimization deployment requires constant monitoring, fine-tuning, updating and maintenance.  These requirements may prove a burden your organization is not poised to undertake.  We have, therefore, structured our post-deployment services so that you may have the level of support you need, in order to achieve maximum return on your investment, with the least of worries.

Our suite of post-deployment services range from simple Maintenance and Support, to full-fledged Managed Security and Outsourcing Services.

This solution comprises part of the “Design & Implement” phase of our Information Security Continuum (D&I).