Call Recording

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The Need

Voice over IP (VoIP) is changing the way companies communicate and do business.

From the contact center to research and development, or other back-office applications, the voice of the customer can be a powerful tool across company silos and is often required by organizations in regulated industries.

All types of businesses benefit from call recording and monitoring technologies as they can be the tools for improving customer service, resolving customer disputes, increasing employee productivity, complying with legal requirements or addressing security concerns.

Organizations require scalable call recording solutions which do not interfere with their existing IP-PBX and integrate seamlessly with their existing network infrastructure. Recording voice calls across multiple corporate locations using a single unified system, which can be managed from any location, is a must.

In recent years, traditional cumbersome to use voice recording interfaces have been replaced by Web-based, user-friendly interfaces, which require limited storage footprint, utilizing high compression for the recordings kept in the storage.

Enabling your Organization

Remaining at the forefront of unified communications developments and knowhow, our team of experts designs and implements Call Recording Solutions which meet your goals and maximize your ROI on the existing investment.

In the design phase we will help you create the right policies for recording and retrieving calls, in a manner that meets your compliance, legal and business needs.  Cultivating the confidence that all personal data remain personal and that the highest level of confidentiality is maintained within the recorded calls, is a mandate during our deployment phase.

Doing it right: Our Voice Calls Recording Solutions’ Key Features and Benefits

Our Voice Calls Recording solutions are largely characterized by the following Key Features and Benefits:

Key Features


Documenting calls

Maintaining records based on business needs



Accelerated employee training with ‘real life’ calls and live monitoring

Observing business processes including calling scripts

Resolving customer disputes

Optimized company procedures maximizing performance


Enhancing productivity


Provides an audit trail

Ensures consistent and correct use of business systems

Unobtrusively and efficiently monitor contact center employees

Role based permissions


Silent Monitoring

On-Demand Recording

Trigger-based Recording

Export Recordings to Email

Third Party software integration through API  (e.g. ERP, CRM)


Broad feature range


Remaining Functional and Compliant – Support tailored to your needs

We very well understand that to remain effective, a Voice Calls Recording deployment requires constant monitoring, fine-tuning, updating and maintenance.  These requirements may prove a burden your organization is not poised to undertake.  We have, therefore, structured our post-deployment services so that you may have the level of support you need, in order to achieve maximum return on your investment, with the least of worries.

Our suite of post-deployment services range from simple Maintenance and Support, to full-fledged Managed Security and Outsourcing Services.

This solution comprises part of the “Design & Implement” phase of our Information Security Continuum (D&I).