MSOS Secure Web Portal V3.0

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Odyssey Managed Security & Outsourcing Services Web Portal V3.0

While the release of our MSOS Secure Web Portal 2.3 has been one of Odyssey’s major successes, it presented us with a great challenge as well; the challenge of surpassing ourselves.

In keeping with our culture of not only meeting but also exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations, we had to think outside the box and come up with a whole new approach to the delivery of Managed Security and Outsourcing Services.  The result is our MSOS Secure Web Portal 3.0.

This new version of our MSOS service delivery vehicle is the outcome of the collective efforts of our dedicated internal development team, our MSOS personnel, our ITHACA Labs® experts but also our customers, whose input, needs and challenges we have been diligently collecting.  Our entire platform has been redesigned and enriched to address puzzling needs, as these result from challenges imposed by new and emerging security vulnerabilities, threats and “Zero-Day” exploits, as well as requirements driven by business needs, the standardization, legal and regulatory arenas.

Overall, the Odyssey MSOS Secure Web Portal V3.0 introduces a number of new exciting and purposeful features, which bring more Clarity, Manageability and Accountability to your Security Management Operations.  Most importantly, the code has been rewritten in a way, which facilitates the timely and effective implementation of more features, enhanced functionality, ease of use, and customization flexibility.

Bringing Clarity, Manageability, Accountability to your Information Security & Management Operations

The MSOS Secure Web Portal V3.0 brings a rich collection of new features and advanced functionality in your security management arsenal providing you with the necessary business intelligence and information that you need to better understand your security risks and make more accurate decisions. At the same time, the user-friendly design offers a unique customer experience.

New Graphical Layout

The new layout is specifically designed around the users’ need to easily locate, drill down and locate required information.

The graphical representation of the data helps you effortlessly understand and interpret the data provided, identify trends and instantly react to alerts.

Through advanced reporting capabilities and display options, the MSOS Secure Web Portal V3.0 has been enhanced to intuitively provide data points that are significant in the decision making process to the Chief Security Officer “CSO”, Chief Information Officer “CIO” and Auditor regarding the security posture of the organization.

A help icon has also been added to each of the analytic reports to provide assistance in interpreting the reported data.

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard literally puts all required information at the executive’s fingertips in the form of WebParts.  Through a simple yet richly informative environment, it readily provides an easy to interpret helicopter view of the organization’s overall information security posture.  It presents meaningful business intelligence and analytics reports depicting real-time information across multiple security metrics. The pre-built graphical reports are designed to bring in-depth visibility into the security performance across the organization, helping Chief Security Officers demonstrate security effectiveness and efficiency while reducing the effort required for compliance reporting.

The Executive Dashboard is comprised of the following analytical Graphical reports/ WebParts:

  • Outstanding Incidents
  • Top 10 Attacked Services
  • Top 10 Internet Attackers
  • Alerts generated per hour
  • Events Collected VS Alerts Generated and Number of Incidents published over time
  • Incident Response Closing Time
  • Number and Criticality of IDS/ IPS Events over time
  • Threat Alert notifications over time
  • Firewall Accepted and Blocked Events over time

The order in which the graphical reports/WebParts are displayed can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them in the desired position on the screen fit the user’s needs.

User Defined Dashboard

In addition to the Executive Dashboard, which provides an executive level helicopter view of the organization’s overall information security status, the User Defined Dashboard allows the user to create a customized environment, which provides easy access to real time data relating to security assets and other information, the user decides that he/she needs to follow closely.  Through an extremely user friendly engine, in the User Defined Dashboard Tab of the MSOS Secure Web Portal V3.0, the user can choose, for example, to have direct access to information such as the organization’s Internet Connectivity status, Latest Security Information/advisories and specific reports.


Advanced reporting capabilities and drill-down functionality

The MSOS Secure Web Portal V3.0 has been enhanced with advanced reporting capabilities including drill-down functionality allowing the user to easily and cohesively move from summary to detailed data. The interactive reporting tools enable users to analyze data in a visual and interactive manner helping them view the raw data pertaining to high level analysis and gain full visibility into each reported security item and, in extent, into the organization’s security and compliance posture across the board. 

Correlated Alerts Analysis

The MSOS Secure Web Portal V3.0 provides a novel approach to alert correlation helping users to easily identify and understand the threats behind the alerts, thus greatly facilitating their decision making process in pursuing the most appropriate course of action. The Correlated Alerts Analysis Engine provides real-time, in-depth analysis of identified harmful security threats and attacks.

Attackers' source IP with negative reputation

IP address Reputation Intelligence, an innovative service provided via our Ithaca Lab®, has also been integrated into our MSOS Secure Web Portal V3.0.   Via this hugely important service, when it comes to incident response, the user has readily access to information regarding the overall malicious profile of the IP address from which raised alerts originate, thus introducing a whole new dimension to the alert assessment process.  With this added piece of information the potential severity of the alert is not basically assessed only based on the attack at hand, but also in relation to the “attackers” behavior/ malicious activity level over a period of time.

IP address Reputation Intelligence is the outcome of diligent yet on-going research performed within our Ithaca Labs®.  Through this research, our Ithaca Labs® team identifies IP addresses which engage in malicious activity and follows them through time in order to build a model of their overall behavior, including the types of attacks in which they tend to engage.  Based on this model, they assign each such IP address reliability weight, which in essence defines the propensity of activity originating from such an IP address, being malicious.  This process is on-going and the classification of IP addresses on the Ithaca Labs® team’s watch is updated in regular time intervals and posted on the MSOS Secure Web Portal along with in-depth information relating to these IP addresses, their country of origin and types of attacks they tend to engage. 

This unique intelligence is instrumental in assessing and analyzing alerts and/or incidents and it enhances both the customers’ as well as Odyssey’s investigation processes in that it materially minimizes false positives.


Threat Alert Service provided by Ithaca Labs®

A great new feature exposing you to the latest security threats and vulnerabilities, of which you should be privy.  Odyssey’s Ithaca Lab® research and development findings on new vulnerabilities, threats and “Zero-Day” exploits is integrated within the MSOS Secure Web Portal V3.0 and is available MSOS users through our Threat Alert service. Our Ithaca Labs® experts constantly analyze and evaluate emerging information security threats and security challenges on a daily basis to determine the implications on existing security and network technologies as well as business applications and feed the MSOS Secure Web Portal on time with the detail information, related recommendations and criticality of threats identified, announced and/or discovered.

Alerts and Incident Geolocation

The Alerts and Incident Geolocation graphical reports ,with drill down functionality, helps you easily spot alerts and incidents on a world map providing you with a pictorial consolidated view of alerts’ and incidents’ origins.


PCI DSS Compliance Dashboard

What is PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) was developed to encourage and enhance cardholder data security and facilitate the broad adoption of consistent data security measures globally.

PCI DSS provides a baseline of technical and operational requirements designed to protect cardholder data. PCI DSS applies to all entities involved in payment card processing – including merchants, processors, acquirers, issuers, and service providers, as well as all other entities that store, process or transmit cardholder data.

PCI DSS comprises a minimum set of requirements for protecting cardholder data, and may be enhanced by additional controls and practices to further mitigate risks. Below is a high-level overview of the 12 PCI DSS requirements.

Odyssey, always aiming to provide effective solutions to strategic and technological challenges, has enhanced the MSOS Portal with the addition of a purposely-designed PCI DSS compliance module, the PCI DSS Compliance Dashboard.

Odyssey’s PCI DSS Compliance Dashboard, with advanced reporting functionality, gives you full visibility into your security and PCI compliance posture. Odyssey’s PCI DSS Compliance Dashboard provides you with all the smart analytics required to enable you understand your organization’s level of compliance against the PCI DSS standard as well as your information security risks, and guide you into making faster informed, targeted, and effective security decisions.

The PCI DSS Compliance Dashboard is built as a tool that will help you to visualize and organize your internal PCI DSS compliance project. To help you comply with all PCI DSS requirements and provide you all necessary reporting to support your effort for compliance.

Its highly customizable data visualizations and drill-down analytics capabilities are offering you a powerful tool to unlock insights from your security data.

Ready-Made Security and PCI DSS Compliance Reports

The PCI DSS Compliance Dashboard is an easy-to use tool providing you with an extensive set of ready-made reports to help you demonstrate security effectiveness and PCI DSS compliance.

The set of reports include the following (given that all necessary information for the creation of the report is provided):

  • Firewall Policy Modifications
  • Daily Denied Internet Inbound Connections by Port
  • Daily Denied Internet Attacks Targeting DMZ Hosts
  • Daily Outbound Connections
  • Total Events Detected from Each Network Sensor
  • Denied Remote Logins
  • Blocked URLs by Application Firewall
  • Blocked IP Addresses by Application Firewall
  • Events Detected by Application Firewall from Internet
  • Events Denied by Application Firewall from Internet
  • Windows unauthorized Access to Files
  • Windows Accounts Changes Details
  • Server Sensors Total Number of Events
  • Events Detected from Each Server Sensor

……..and many more.