Outsourcing Services

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Outsourcing Services

If under an Outsourcing contract, you can rest assured that your in-scope components are maintained 24/7/365 in a top-notch operational, functional, and effectiveness state.

Within the scope of our outsourcing services, our experts will undertake to configure and diligently administrate your in-scope components so that they are updated with latest upgrades and bug fixes remaining impermeable to new and emerging vulnerabilities and related threats.  In case of a suspected/identified security incident, they will also undertake all required remedial actions to ensure that your in-scope infrastructure is not compromised.

Adopting a holistic delivery approach, through our MSOS secure Web Portal, we have designed our Outsourcing services in a modular manner so that you may choose the level of service that suits your own business needs, risk appetite, as well as extent and knowledge of your internal resources.

Key Benefits

“Minimized risk….ensuring that the integrity of organizational systems and networks are not compromised”.

Through our Outsourcing services, your organization can realize the following key benefits within the boundaries of a planned and definable budget:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need to recruit, train, and retain an in-house security expertise
  • Freeing internal resources to focus on core organizational competencies
  • Proactive policy configuration, patching and software upgrading of the in-scope devices
  • Faster remediation and troubleshooting of in-scope devices problems 24/7/365
  • Minimized downtime and improved recovery by performing backup of the in-scope network and system configurations
  • Threat Analysis and access to Security Advisories issued by our ITHACA Labs® team
  • Minimized downtime due to security and administration configuration errors
  • Access to MSOS Secure Web portal enabling your to review Alerts in real time, published Incidents and generate reports

Supported Types of Devices

Our Outsourcing Services provide, device and policy configuration, proactive administration and 24/7/365 maintenance, for the following different types of network, system, and security devices:

  • Firewalls (virtual or physical), Unified Thread Management 
  • Host and Network IDS/IPS
  • End Point Security
  • Web and Database Application Firewalls
  • Content and URL filtering
  • SSL/VPN Concentrators
  • Windows & Linux Operating System Logs
  • Database servers
  • Routers, Switches
  • IP telephony