“You do not have to divert resources away from your core competencies and into the highly specialized realm of information security monitoring, in order to keep your information resources out of harm’s way”.

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Odyssey's Managed Security & Outsourcing Services

Odysseys’ Managed Security & Outsourcing Services Division, comprised by highly specialized, experienced and focused professionals, takes the headache out of the information security equation by monitoring your organization’s security posture 24/7/365.  Through our Threat Analysis & Security Advisory services, we also provide to you the information and intelligence you need to proactively take necessary steps to safeguard the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your data.

Threat Analysis & Advisory services are provided through our ITHACA Labs®, operating out of our state of the art, ISO 27001 certified, Information Security Lab. Our ITHACA Labs® team is a group of specialized security engineers and researchers who scout the global IT Security environment with a two-fold mission; Remaining abreast of, and evaluating emerging information security trends and technologies, and identifying, analyzing, assessing and responding to emerging information security threats.

The Business Challenge

“Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership of 24/7/365 Information Security monitoring”.

You recognize the need to protect your organization’s information assets and you have taken great strides towards this end.  While deploying a complex set of technologies to raise your defenses against luring threats is a big step to the right direction, it is only part of the story.

With new vulnerabilities, worms, trojans and viruses being discovered on a daily basis and exploits developed almost instantly, to remain effective, your information security infrastructure needs to be closely monitored and constantly updated.  This is a challenge that time and experience have proven that it is an expensive one to manage in-house.

Some of the challenges faced by organizations today include:

  • Minimizing RISK and ensuring that the INTEGRITY of systems and networks is not compromised
  • Proactively identifying and effectively addressing potential and real Internet Threats and Vulnerabilities.
  • Managing the increased complexity of Internet & Intranet applications
  • Maintaining in house Information Security expertise
  • Being readily informed about the security posture of organizational systems
  • Meeting Legal and Regulatory Compliance and/or Internal Audit requirements

Ensuring that you face these challenges in-house, not only requires a high up-front investment and running costs, but it also means that as an organization, you divert your focus from your core activities and projects.

Key Features of our MSOS Services

“Enhanced 24/7/365 protection and monitoring of your network, systems, and security components”.

On your side 24/7/365

Our Managed Security & Outsourcing Services operations run round the clock, the year round.  With constant feeds of information security research, development and intelligence from our ITHACA Labs®, our MSOS experts monitor your environment, alerting you of any suspicious activity, even taking emergency steps towards responding to identified security incidents.

Tap into our pool of experts

Our MSOS team is a particular mix of seasoned system and network security experts with proven knowledge and deep experience in the field, and young, energetic, information security vigilantes.  This means we have both, access to intelligence relating to upcoming vulnerability exploits, but also a strong team of experienced engineers ready to effectively address these exploits in a structured, knowledgeable manner.

Transparent Service Delivery - Our MSOS Secure Web Portal

We have strategically invested in the development of our own Information Security Management Platform providing a holistic management and delivery approach to Security Monitoring and Event Management, which incorporates built-in Vulnerability Assessment capabilities. This platform has evolved into an internationally recognized service vehicle.

This service delivery vehicle nullifies the lines between your internal resources and our MSOS services.  Through our MSOS Secure Web Portal we provide your assigned staff with role-based, secure access to our platform enabling them to view your organization’s security health status, use available resources to respond to incidents raised by our team, further assign or manage such incidents internally, schedule host and service discovery, perform Vulnerability Assessment exercises, even generate reports for audit and compliance purposes.

Some of the major features of our MSOS Secure Web Portal include:

  • Customizable Dashboard (views) based on customer preferences
  • User or Network Operation Center View
  • Executive Summary (for effective/timely management reporting and to support management decision making)
  • Network and Systems Discovery and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Important Information Summary
  • Pending Incident Reminders
  • Different role-based access accounts at Group and Subsidiary Level:
    • CIO (Chief Information Officer)
    • CSO (Chief Security Officer)
      • Incidents & Vulnerabilities Manager
      • Escalation Engineers
    • Auditor
  • Ability to review correlated alerts in Real-Time
  • Ability to review identified Incidents and vulnerabilities and take suggested/necessary action(s)  
  • Ability to review and generate Historical/Real Time - Daily, Monthly, Quarter, Yearly Reports

Service Level Agreements

Our MSOS service-level agreements have evolved out of our clients’ needs. You could choose different SLAs for different services offered based on your particular needs.  Understanding the ever changing nature of information security, your SLA agreement could be upgraded or downgraded, both with regard to the level of service provided or the number of devices supported, as these are warranted by changes affected in your environment.