Log Collection & Event Management

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The Risk

As threats and attacks on network assets increase in frequency as well as complexity and sophistication, the need of organizations to be proactive in tackling these challenges has become vital. This prompts organizations to further enrich their information security implementations, which in turn adds complexity to their information management infrastructures. This added complexity makes it even harder for internal security teams to identify and respond to security incidents in a timely manner.

To effectively protect their critical information assets, organizations should enhance their proactive controls.  They should maintain an ongoing process of capturing and analyzing logs collected from systems across the organization and subsequently act on the alerts generated within appropriate time limits.

This process requires that based on the alerts triggered, relevant data is analyzed and actionable information extracted and acted in near real time. This places even greater demands on departmental resources.

Security information and event management (SIEM) is an emerging technology solution that has been developed with the goal of introducing greater intelligence and automation into the collection, correlation and analysis of log and alert data, which, in turn, should allow security analysts to focus on what is most important. It should, however, be understood that the deployment of such a solution within an organization requires dedicated and skilled personnel.

Protecting your Organization

Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Information & Event Management system (SIEM) solutions offered by Odyssey are designed to take on and effectively address this challenge by providing the visibility needed to help your organization enhance its decision-making process.

Our Security Information Management (SIM) solutions will seamlessly collect, analyze and preserve information (logs) from systems, network and security components residing on the network, which may be required for future use, such as forensic investigations and/or the generation of valuable reports.

Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, take log collection a step further, by analyzing these logs for generating real-time reports and alerts. The generated alerts are based on predefined threat patterns.

These solutions will continuously monitor/ analyze collected log records and identify threat patterns as they occur, providing better visibility into your organization’s security infrastructure thus, enabling you to effectively manage and mitigate threats.

Finally, as compliance responsibilities of organizations further increase, configurable reports, generated from SIM/SIEM solutions, can be readily utilized to address relevant reporting requirements.

Odyssey Consultants provides SIM/ SIEM solutions to its clients either as a stand-alone service or as part of our Managed Security & Outsourcing Services suite.

Doing it right: Our SIM/SIEM Solutions key Features and Benefits

Our SIM/SIEM solutions are largely characterized by the following key features and benefits:

Key Features


Real-time notification of high risk events across the IT environment

Immediately identify and respond on malicious activities
Real-time data correlation of generated alerts derived from all devices

Identify and respond faster to incidents by utilizing correlated data

Able to identify and respond to sophisticated attacks that may pass unidentified through a single security technology

Log collection and retention aids in benchmarking and reporting Understand security information and policy definition
Real-time security event alerts, monitoring and drill down forensic functionality

Visibility and understanding of how the organization’s data and IT resources are used

Distributed architecture

Scales to provide Log Collection and Event management in remote or local networks

Detailed and summary reports

Addresses regulatory requirements with the use of both detailed as well as summary reports

A central management console allows for the easy and timely management of the system

Centralized administration, reduces overhead and management costs


Remaining Secure – Support tailored to your needs

We very well understand that to remain effective, a security deployment requires constant monitoring, fine-tuning, updating and maintenance.  These requirements may prove a burden your organization may not be poised to undertake.  We have, therefore, structured our post-deployment services so that you may have the level of support you need, in order to achieve maximum return on your investment, with the least of worries.

Our suite of post-deployment services range from simple Maintenance and Support, to full-fledged Managed Security & Outsourcing Services.

This solution comprises part of the “Design & Implement” phase of our Information Security Continuum (D&I).