Next Generation Firewalls

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The Risk

Whether a large organization or a small medium business, the risks are similar.  Once a workstation and/or server, either virtual and/or physical is connected to the network, whether this network is directly connected to the Internet or not, it is susceptible to threats and attacks by unauthorized users. This susceptibility raises the risk of sensitive business information ending up in the wrong hands and being used to the detriment of the business’s interests.

The deployment of Next Generation firewalls (NGFWs) to manage this risk has been traditionally employed by small to medium size organizations as their primary defense.

NGFWs are an ideal solution for small to medium size businesses in need to restrict access to network devices and/or computer systems, which are susceptible to threats and attacks by unauthorized users.

In addition to their Firewall/VPN capabilities, NGFWs incorporate additional enforcement capabilities within the same box, such as Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Application Control (AC), User Identity (UI) and URL filtering, to name few. These all-in-one devices are usually managed from a single management console, thus greatly simplifying the security administrators’ work when it comes to the overall management as well as deployment and enforcement/updating of security policies.

When appropriately selected, configured and managed, NGFWs comprise a major part of a small/medium business’s security infrastructure. 

Protecting your Organization

Odyssey remains abreast of latest trend and technology developments in the area of NG firewall technologies.  We also maintain strong partnerships with long standing market leaders, which permit us to expand our knowledge and insights on these technologies.  We are, therefore, in a position to provide you with best of breed, effective NG firewall solutions, which suit your specific needs and environment.

In doing so, our team will first assess your business needs based on your existing infrastructure, network architecture, applications running and systems set up.  We will also ensure that we clearly understand your business objectives, internal policies and external compliance requirements as well as future expansion plans. Once we have a well-rounded understanding of your existing set up and business objectives, we will recommend the best-suited solutions for your needs.

The deployment phase is a critical part of this implementation process and requires your active involvement.  Your input ensures that the level of protection applied is in line with your risk appetite and that it maximizes control without hindering productivity.

Post deployment, is the steady state phase during which traffic patterns are observed and firewall policies are tweaked so that the effectiveness of the access control policy is optimized.


Doing it right: Our NG Firewall Solutions’ Key Features and Benefits

Our NGFW solutions are largely characterized by the following key features and benefits:

Key Features


Ability to assign access permissions to network devices, computer systems and users

Increased protection profile for network devices, computer systems and users

Alignment of firewall rules directly with organizational policy

Enables swift and effective deployment

A central management console allows for the easy and timely management and deployment/update of security access policies including IPS, AC, UI, URL filtering etc.

Centralized administration, reducing overhead and management costs

Graphical user interface for the monitoring of logs generated in real time for suspected events

Provides information pertinent in the timely identification of system attacks or miss-usage alerts

Enables the generation of reports needed for complying with internal audit and regulatory requirements

Simplified internal audit and regulatory reporting

Could be deployed in bridge or in-line mode, inspecting traffic for unauthorized access

Easy installation and deployment without altering the organizations existing network infrastructure if desirable


Remaining Secure – Support tailored to your needs

We very well understand that to remain effective, a security deployment requires constant monitoring, fine-tuning, updating and maintenance.  These requirements may prove a burden your small/medium business is not poised to undertake.  We have, therefore, structured our post-deployment services so that you may have the level of support you need, in order to achieve maximum return on your investment, with the least of worries.

Our suite of post-deployment services range from simple Maintenance and Support, to full-fledged Managed Security & Outsourcing Services.

This solution comprises part of the “Design & Implement” phase of our Information Security Continuum (D&I).