Endpoint Security

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The Risk

Today’s demanding business landscape has introduced the need for accessing and using sensitive information while outside the organization’s buildings and security protection, leaving such information exposed to Internet security as well as physical risks. The Information and Communications Technology infrastructure, and therefore, the security policies and controls need to expand far beyond the physical organizational boundaries.

A large amount of the attempts to infiltrate your organization’s security, target the weakest link (human error or social engineering) of your information security policies and procedures, trying to introduce a “Trojan horse” into your premises in order to affect an attack from the inside. Just as every one of your employees has to work on some type of IT equipment, everyone of your employees’ equipment is a possible attack target.

Endpoint Security requires delicate and transparent deployment and enforcement in order to properly safeguard the endpoint assets, while enhancing – instead of limiting – the users’ productivity and working experience.

The requirements of such a solution is characterized by the large number of endpoint assets which need to be protected, the different types of endpoint devices as well as the different user productivity requirements and customizations.  All of the above, make the deployment, enforcement and monitoring of an endpoint security solution an especially demanding task for your administrators.

Endpoint administration difficulties usually lead to loosen security and limited insight regarding your endpoints’ level of protection, opening a huge whole in the protection of your organization’s information assets and intellectual property.

Protecting your Organization

Our approach on Endpoint Security is assuring a successful deployment of leading endpoint protection technologies that will safeguard your endpoints.

We will help you design the security policies and the assignment groups, facilitated through analytic templates and meetings with the people responsible for endpoint security within your organization. A set of recommendations and best-practices will be provided in order to help you build efficient and effective endpoint security policies.

We will closely work with your administrators and a group of test users in order to properly test and finalize the security policies to be enforced.  We will also work with you to design and evaluate successful deployment scenarios.

At the deployment stage we may provide you with the support required to facilitate a trouble free and transparent installation.

From an auditing perspective, a set of scheduled and on-demand reports may be created, which are pertinent towards meeting compliance requirements and internally demonstrating the health status of the protected endpoints.

Doing it right: Our Endpoint Security Solutions’ Key Features and Benefits

Our Endpoint Security solutions are largely characterized by the following key features and benefits:

Key Features


Comprehensive data protection for endpoint hard drives

Protects from unauthorized access when laptops are lost or stolen

Highest security certifications for compliance—FIPS, Common Criteria, BITS

Comprehensive platform support—including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Comprehensive data protection and control for endpoint removable media

Encrypt files and folders; track and manage removable devices individually

Automatic transparent encryption for DVDs and CDs burned with endpoint PCs

Prevents malware from accessing endpoints with a single scan

Malware is identified using signatures, behavior blockers, heuristic analysis

Knowledge base of more than one million trusted or suspicious programs

Comprehensive endpoint security and policy compliance

Desktop firewall secures endpoints by regulating inbound and outbound traffic

Centrally definable traffic control, security levels and stealth technology

Compliance Check ensures that endpoints are in compliance while accessing the corporate network

Secure access to corporate resources while traveling or working remotely

Full IPsec VPN connectivity for strong authentication and data integrity

Endpoint compliance scanning protects from malware and intrusions

Comprehensive web and browser security for endpoints

Full protection against drive-by downloads and other web-based threats

Advanced anti-phishing and site heuristics alert users about dangerous sites

Dual-browser mode protects corporate data on endpoints from malicious software

Unified endpoint security management reduces security gaps

Unifies all endpoint security protection in a single management console

Comprehensive, immediate security with preconfigured, customizable policies

Centrally Managed, Single Console and Customizable At-a-Glance Dashboard

Centrally managed and deployed

Quickly deploy the right level of protection for the right group of user

Manage security for entire organizations, groups, users and their devices

Enforce and remediate endpoint compliance before accessing network

Central policy enforcement of removable media and port usage policies

Central log of media usage and data movement for compliance, forensic analysis

Policy management and security for users, not just machines

Drill-down on users and all their associated machines to investigate status

Apply security policy to users, no matter what machine they log into

Modify, track and report policy changes at all levels of the organization

Use Active Directory or customize your own organizational structure for policy enforcement


Remaining Secure – Support tailored to your needs

We very well understand that to remain effective, a security deployment requires constant monitoring, fine-tuning, updating and maintenance.  These requirements may prove a burden your organization may not be poised to undertake.  We have, therefore, structured our post-deployment services so that you may have the level of support you need, in order to achieve maximum return on your investment, with the least of worries.

Our suite of post-deployment services range from simple Maintenance and Support, to full-fledged Managed Security & Outsourcing Services.