Security Training & Awareness

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Organizations are investing significant financial resources in implementing technical security solutions in order to contain, minimize or even eliminate risks.  At the same time, these same organizations fail to adequately consider and provide their staff with the necessary security training and awareness that is needed to ensure the proper handling of sensitive data.

The lack of a focused and effective strategy for user awareness may result in sub-optimal use of the available technology and even to risks caused by ignorance and gullibility.  Our Security Training and Awareness Services are designed to assist organizations in actively involving their user community in the security and risk management lifecycle and related processes, in this way reducing the likelihood of inadvertent errors or undesirable actions.

It is imperative that staff understand the security risks surrounding their daily routines and tasks. Training and educating employees ensures that they are capable of properly handling a security incident and at the same time minimizes the chances that your organization becomes a victim.

Key Benefits

  • Lower security risk level through “devolved responsibility” for security amongst business users.
  • Lower administrative, helpdesk and security support costs.
  • Better utilization of the organization’s technology investment.
  • Reduction of spam and other undesirable practices.
  • Enhanced defense when enforcing disciplinary actions.