Business Impact Analysis

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A Business Impact Analysis is an essential component of an organization’s business continuity management process. Its aim is to identify potential risks which could impact organizational operations, and quantify the potential financial and business impacts such risks could impose. In a Business Impact Analysis, every critical asset/process of the organization is identified and the impact of disruption is determined, revealing the organization’s exposure to a sudden loss of critical assets, allowing the organization to make educated decisions when planning its relevant business continuity strategy.

Protecting your Organization

During the performance of a Business Impact Analysis exercise, our certified information security and risk management consultants, with extensive knowledge and experience in the field, will assist you in every step of this critical business process.  You being in the best position to identify and assess the importance of the different organizational processes on the overall operations of your business, dictates that our role is that of the consultant and facilitator rather than the executor.

Based on the assessment findings, we will design and deliver a Business Impact Analysis report which will be describing the potential risks faced by your organization.  This report, will serve as a necessary tool for management to make decisions regarding methods of mitigating risks and minimizing potential impact.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a clear understanding of overall business operations to management and helps in the identification of critical business processes.
  • Helps determine requirements for business continuity and create a contingency plan which directly reflects operational business availability objectives.
  • Provides several spillover benefits including serving as a vehicle to question existing processes and streamline operations.
  • Demonstrates compliance to several legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Key input to any business continuity management and/or ISO 27001 standard alignment/certification process.