Solutions & Services

Our Solutions & Services follow the cycle of a comprehensive Information Security Management System and span the whole spectrum of the People-Process-Technology triangle, whilst they are supported by robust and tested methodologies, execution approaches and expertise.

Our solutions are categorized under four main categories which help your organization implement a robust and effective Information Security Management System and encompass services designed to enable you to get the most out of your information security investment. 

Managed Security & Outsourcing Services

Rely on our Managed Security & Outsourcing Services (MSOS) to maintain your information security and network infrastructure in optimum operational state and ensure that no warning goes unnoticed.

Information Security

Our Information Security solutions encompass state of the art, leading technologies, which along with our expertise and experience in the field are designed to meet and surpass our clients’ risk mitigation goals.

Network Infrastructure

We build steadfast network infrastructures that are state of the art, reliable, adaptable and scalable. Whether it involves restructuring/expanding your network, deployment of IP telephony,

Governance, Compliance & Risk Management

Successfully manage the security of your most valuable asset - information - by introducing structure and control into your information management processes. Protect your critical data throughout its lifecycle