Threat Analysis & Security Advisories

The ongoing evolvement of new vulnerabilities and related exploits at network, systems and software application level, all make it imperative that your security team remains abreast of the most recent security threats so that they are in a position to take relevant remedial actions and compensatory measures.

In addressing this need, our ITHACA Labs® team lays the basis for a preemptive approach to network, systems and software application security.  One of their main functions is to accumulate, analyze and assess this threat intelligence and deliver early warnings and actionable security advisories to our clients, through our “Security Advisory & Intelligence” service.

The provision of detailed and timely information security intelligence from our ITHACA Labs® will help you:

  • Prevent potential security threats that might jeopardize your business
  • Optimize your Information security investment
  • Free your internal resources from duties relating to highly specialized security research and use them more effectively on core organizational activities