Functionality Effectiveness Assessment of Security and Network technologies

The information security industry is abundant with technologies and solutions which claim to be addressing different risks.  In the course of implementing controls to mitigate identified risks, internal IT and security teams are overwhelmed with the diverse options available.  This challenge is further complicated by the fact that information security technologies tend to be complementary to each other, therefore, the decision to deploy a specific solution, may largely affect, or limit the available options regarding future deployments, or the overall management of the information security technology base within the organization.

Understanding this challenge faced by our clients, part of our ITHACA Labs® experts’ research activities, involves the evaluation of the various technologies and solutions available.  This in-depth exploration into the methods which different solutions attempt to address specific risks, in conjunction with our extensive knowledge of the threats and vulnerabilities present, as well as our clients’ installation base, put us in a unique position when it comes to assessing the functional effectiveness of specific solutions as this applies to their specific environment.